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Masonry Repair Services


Mason Crew LLC offers a variety of brick repair and  brick restoration services for your home’s brickwork in order to add life and freshness to your home. We are the most committed brick repair service available today! Our location in Tomball, TX gives us a service area larger than other contractors are willing to take on. Our clients are the best in Texas. We do our best to exceed your expectations.

From residential masonry projects to minor masonry repair to cracked mortar joints, we understand that some repairs may be urgent, especially if you plan to sell your home. Don't let the masonry aspect of your home inspection report slow you down.  Even if a tough home inspection report has just issued masonry failure, you can rely on us. We have the ability to tackle extensive masonry repair work that our competitors may avoid. We provide timely turnarounds so you can keep the sale of your home moving.
We can also provide safe and effective masonry services for commercial projects. As our company began to grow over the years, so did your projects. From installing stone work on tract homes to larger commercial projects, we have you covered. Feel free to call and get current pricing from our estimator. We are located at 9710 Haley's Comet Cr., Tomball, TX 77375.

If your commercial job falls behind schedule, we can help your current crew size complete the job on time. Please contact our office with job site address. We are more than glad to help complete masonry "punch-outs" or help through to completion. We specialize in thin brick applications, CMU walls, high detailed brick projects, and CMU elevators. Call us at 832-507-6800 for our commercial masonry service in Houston, TX and The Woodlands, TX.

We offer the following services:  Also provide safe Drone Aerial Photos of masonry chimney crowns inspection.         FOR URGENT MASONRY REPAIRS, CALL (713) 993-7586
  • Home Inspection Report (Masonry Failure)
  • Brick Wall Repair
  • Cracked Wall Repair
  • Brick Waterproof Sealant 
  • Chimney Crown- Chimney Brick Repair
  • Mortar Joint Repair
  • Cracked Mortar Joints Repair
  • Exterior Brick & Stone Repair
  • Brick Restoration
  • Thin Brick Installation
  • Leaning Columns Repair
  • Leaning Wall Repair
  • New Masonry Design
  • Planter Box Masonry Repair
  • Brick Cracks Above Garage Repair
  • Brick Mailbox Repair
  • And More!
We have so much confidence in our products and our craftsmanship that we carry a 3-year warranty on all of our services. From repairing cracked mortar joints to repairing cracked brick walls, we can do it all. We treat all masonry repairs and our customers with respect, no matter how small the job may be. Call us for advice for a brick D.I.Y project or to finish up a masonry project already in progress. We are glad to help. Visit us or call to ask us masonry questions or to schedule an appointment. Click Me Google+

Champion Forest, Tomball, Woodlands, TX.-RESIDENTIAL MASONRY REPAIRS!

Count on us to boost the curb appeal of your home. From fence repair to brick mailbox repair, we really can tackle any masonry, brick or stone work. Our team of mason's are skilled and trustworthy. We are masonry repair specialist. Do not hire your landscaper for your roof! Hiring a Masonry Contractor for new or masonry repairs. Our trade is full of expensive "pitfalls". The wrong man can hurt your home. It is best invite Mason Crew LLC to evaluate your project first. Your home is treated with upmost respect and we will never mislead our capabilities. We are a small company, but carry a BIG trowel !!
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Brick Mailbox Work: A brick mailbox gives a home curb appeal and can even serve as one of the focal points. Many times, minor alterations and a re-level are all it may need. Our brick mailbox repair services can give your mailbox that fresh new look you’re after, and we can also build an entirely new mailbox with a new foundation and brick layer. Please click here to visit our pricing page for more details.

Cracked Mortar Joints: These can be a real eyesore. We have the ability to determine cause of cracks and offer advice. Cracked mortar joints can be repaired easily using the ArborTech 170. One of the more challenging aspects for repair cracked mortar joints is color match, but we will amaze you with our final product.

Home Inspection Report (Masonry Failures): Home inspection reports can have several types of masonry repairs revealed. Many are minor that we can repair in a few hours. We know not only how to read home inspection reports but also know what they are looking for. Call us for a pre-inspection or call us after a list has been submitted. Either way, we are prepared to handle mortar cracks, fill in mortar holes, add weep holes, or fix loose brick. (Click Here to Submit Report.)

Garage Lintel Repair: Cracking brick or stone above your garage can be startling at first glance . We have compared many repair solutions, and as a result, we have verified that our technique is proven and tested to resolve the issue completely. Please notify us if this is the type of repair needed. We can temporarily redress the issue until you are ready to proceed with a full repair. Sagging over the garage and sometimes windows is common with older homes and sometimes newer homes built between 2003 and 2008. Call us for details.

Fence Repair: The cost and complexity of fence repair vary depending on the material and state it’s in. If scaffolding is involved, the cost will increase. Usually, once a masonry fence has been compromised, demolition is necessary. When salvaging brick from demolition, the price can go up. It is best to repair a masonry fence at the first signs of cracking, leans, or sags.

Loose Fireplace Stone: No job is too small for us to tend to. We are more than happy to repair any type of masonry work!
Exterior Stone: Natural stone is a great masonry product to work with, and it’s an easy way to add a great deal of curb appeal to your property. Talk with our crew about the different material options that we offer. 

Exterior Brick: If any bricks become loose or fall out of place, our crew can take care of them quickly so more damage isn’t done to the structure. Without repair, water and moisture can seep into the gap and cause more damage. We can repair your cracked bricked walls or fix any of your additional brickwork that needs repairing. 

Interior brick: Indoor brick work can truly add a certain aesthetic appeal to your home. Keep your space comfy and appealing with our intricate brick work. No job is too small for us to tackle. 

Window Sill Repair: Window sills, when properly laid, not only look great, but also work to prevent water from entering the home. Give us a call to repair or restore your home’s window sills. 

  • Mortar Crack Repair

    We use special tools to remove old motar joints before we color match

  • We are able to take your masonry design and add premium brick laying qualilty.

    Mexican Adobe Brick Specialist

  • Herringbone Pattern

    High detail and years of experience to achieve amazing results

To get your brick, stone or masonry project tackled at your residential or commercial property, rely on the pros here at Mason Crew LLC. Give us a call today to get started with an estimate! 
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