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Residential Masonry Repairs


If you need residential masonry repair or brick restoration, you can count on us at Mason Crew LLC to provide real results on any and all masonry projects to boost your property’s curb appeal and overall appearance. Homes here in Houston are some of the most complex in Texas. We have many different types of masonry materials, each equipped with different properties — precast, block, stone, and brick all are very common. Our most trusted supplier in here in Houston and has an amazing selection of handcrafted brick.
 We can tend to all of these materials and repairs in a timely manner. With the help of several masonry suppliers, Mason Crew LLC can save you time and money. Brick has a long life and very low maintenance.
  Homes built in The Woodlands and Champion Forest in the late 80's or early 90's used a Mexican adobe brick that is difficult to find and tough to work with. Our team can provide confident masonry repair that will enhance and also protect your home.
 Since the early 80's many new masonry methods and designs have surfaced. Masonry weep holes, garage lintels, and rubber flashing are used now. Brick wall ties and nails are galvanized to add longevity with less maintenance.
  Masonry industry has grown adding new products that assist professional masons produce a better product. Brick cleaning solutions, brick waterproofing, and additive to prevent masonry effervescence. We take advantage of all of our resources.
  Our team values your time. Many of our clients need us to repair masonry after a home inspection. We are glad to do our part expedite your brick repair. Some of our clients need proposal so they may move forward with home negotiations. We provide masonry estimates knowing how important our commitment is to your real estate transaction.
Residential Masonry Woodlands, TX
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Residential masonry repairs can be very complex. Architects and custom home builders have been using masonry products in a more detailed way. Houston residential homes are being built higher and larger. Even if one area of your wall is cracked and another shows signs of masonry failure, it doesn't mean the entire structure is in need of maintenance. We can help fix the cracks and repair the structure, no matter what the damage might be.
Trick to providing quick masonry service without comprising quality is to source local. We use suppliers that have been in business for many years. We like AAA Stone, Best Masonry, Emerald, and Boral. Revels Block and Acme Brick are very strong companies that has helped us in our success.

Many custom home builders and homeowners have chosen to use antique brick or material that can be difficult to find. Brick work is more creative today, sometimes pushing the masonry to the limits. More soldier courses, more roll locks, more arches, double arches, and new patterns all require tremendous skill to mimic. Newer homes and older homes styles can conflict. But Mason Crew LLC has the experience and knowhow to navigate our masonry world to ensure you are 100% satisfied!
  • Repairing Walls Cracks: We repair masonry wall cracks by replacing broken brick or shifting existing brick. In some cases, we find that adding control joints in or near the area will greatly increase the likelihood that the crack will not return. Once we feel we have a actionable plan, we proceed with our proven methods to ensure our brick repair will never fail you!

  • Brick Wall Repairs:  As your home settles and the Houston heat comes and goes, the masonry on your home contracts. Mortar joints separate and fall out. Cracked mortar joints will let moisture enter your home and may cause future damage. Residential brick mortar joints keep brick bonded to one another, but many times brick may become loose. This could serve as a major liability to the property owners. We can match your existing masonry and also use modern brick repair techniques to leave to wall stronger than it was before.

  • Masonry Planter Boxes: If planter boxes no longer retain the root systems, brick or stone can begin to shift, compromising the original, desired look. We can provide repairs to make the planter box look as good as new. 

  • High Window Arches: These tend to pull away from walls after water seepage, causing bricks to fall. It is important to monitor these areas and notify us if you see a problem. We would love to walk the property with you and help you determine when a repair is necessary or if the area just needs to be monitored.

  • Foundation Repairs Contractor: Many contractors try their best to tuck-point after brick is cracked. Don't hire a landscaper to sheetrock your home, and please don't hire a painter to tuck-point brick. Hire us, the real pros!
All of these common issues are no challenge to our team. We specialize in Mexican adobe brick, and we use methods that have been proven to be safe and effective. For reliable brick repair, masonry and stone work taken care of in a timely manner, there’s only one team of pros to rely on: Mason Crew LLC. Call today to get an estimate. We proudly serve The Woodlands, TX.
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