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Brick Repair-Mortar Crack Repair-Leaning Walls and Much More-Full Masonry Repair Pricing In Our Service Area

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When you call expect us to talk real numbers with you. No salesman here!

We can answer many of your questions and even provide some estimates from pictures submitted and a detailed description of the services you need. However, pricing through messages is just an estimate. 100%-Fully Insured. You hold NO liability to our employees. I have them covered from "Head to Toe"  
Our competitors may cut, copy, and paste our website- but that type of technology does not exist in the masonry craft.  
  • Repairs Last a Lifetime! (3 yr Warranty) replace at no charge
  • master masons- mason here do not work on line-they are at the height of their profession and repair with total confidence
  • all calls returned in 20 min.- we expect to exceed your expectation
  • respect for your property and privacy-100% agreement from us to you -
  • veteran owned- operated 11C1p INF-ABN 6yrs (best years of my life, it was my honor!)
  •  We do not leave your job until we complete yours
  • local masonry repair contractor-2 Klien high grads and 2 attending
  • Transferable warranty for real estate home inspection reports  
  • again and again- we are not salesmen- give me call if you need any masonry advise
Contract for Mason Crew LLC

We ask for 30% down and the final payment on job completion. If you are unsatisfied, we will not pursue the other 70%. We have several customers that have taken the time to recommend us with a Five Star Rating for our masonry service. Call us now or fill out our contact form. We guarantee we will offer you the best masonry service, and we hope to always live up to your high expectations!

The very best way to receive service is to fill out our request for service form on our home page. Someone will call you, and can rest assured that we will be committed from the beginning to the end. Call now! (832) 507-6800 


We do give a three-year warranty, best in the business, though we do not expect our work to fail. Most of our work lasts a lifetime, but if you do have any issues, please call and we will be there in two days.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brick Repair or Brick Restoration in Houston

How much will it cost? just a number to use- $130 per labor hr.

With our wide range of masonry services, we always assess the issues and problem, not the neighborhood. Our pricing has been very consistent no matter where you live or how small the job is.
We offer Same Day Urgent Service*
Our team respects your time and also understands when you may need urgent repair.
Masonry damaged to store fronts-Masonry Sign Damaged- Tarp Chimney- Temporary Mailbox while shopping-Graffiti Removal- Damaged perimeter fencing -Hit Brick Columns-

We guarantee our masonry service. We are fully insured, and we are the best brick repair contractor in Houston. Terms in our contract are easily read with no hidden print. Simple. We do not and will not share your information. Fill out our form for the best service!

For a new design, it is critical that we have a chance to look at the project and if available a field measure.

Home Repairs (average costs):
  • Small Jobs: $400 minimum charge (minor tuck-pointing, loose brick, or fallen stone)                   
  • New Brick Mailbox: $750-$1,400 (We have special financing options for unexpected mailbox damages.)
  • Replacing Brick Mailbox Insert: $400 (We can set you up with a temporary box until project is complete.) 
  • 10 or Fewer Brick Jobs: $400
  • All-Day or Full-Day Repairs: $950-$1,250 (Typically includes 3-4 skilled masons/or intricate areas.)
  • Replacing Cracked Mortar Joints or Lintels Sagging Garage: $3,600-$5,800 (All materials and labor included. Please call for a field measure, which is critical for pricing.)
  • Extensive Brick Repair: $1,700-$3,800 (Basic full-time masonry experts at your project/our whole team.)
What separates us from other masonry repair contractors is our commitment to your job. Once we start, we won't leave and come back. Nothing comes before the agreement you have made with us. We will always go out of our way to give your project the special care that it deserves. Our team will make sure that you never worry about your project, because our elite team of bricklayers will always be 100% focused on the job.

Mason Crew LLC wants to get the job done in a way that will meet and exceed your expectations, and we have competitive pricing to go with that. When you reach out to us, we will respond quickly with an estimate and take action as soon as you are ready. 


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